Scottish Independence – Do We Really Want to Stay?

Fraser Nelson, right wing Editor of the Spectator, in the Telegraph writes this

But if Britain were to somehow leave the European Union and become the 51st state of America, we would actually be one of those poor states. If you take our economic output, adjust for living costs and slot it into the US league table then the United Kingdom emerges as the second-poorest state in the union. We’re poorer than much-maligned Kansas and Alabama and well below Missouri, the scene of all the unrest in recent weeks. Only Mississippi has lower economic output per head than the UK; strip out the South East and Britain would rank bottom. We certainly have our problems; we’re just better at concealing them.

And they want us to stay!!!

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Scottish Independence – NHS Sell Off?

Darling and Cameron have both said that the NHS in Scotland is utterly safe as does Malcolm Chisholm. But they all explain that this is because Health is devolved to the Scottish Government. They naïvely state that under the Barnett formula the amount of money available has gone up in line with increased spending in England.

I agree that this is absolutely correct and we can rest assured. Or can we? It is in fact only the case under the present devolved regime. That regime is in fact entirely subject to the whim of the Westminster Parliament as Devolution is not part of any constitution. The worry therefore remains that the next Westminster government which is likely to be Tory will simply re-arrange the devolution regime and  so will be able to privatise the Scottish NHS. The money will be the same but a big junk of it will go to private company profits and not into services.

Only complete Independence will guarantee a future public NHS and equitable other public services.

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Scottish Independence – My Blog in pdf Form

My Road to #YES is a file of all my blog posts over the last year or so in relation to my thoughts about our forthcoming referendum.

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Scottish Independence – The Campaigns

I despair of politicians and the media. The campaigns, propaganda, spin, misinformation, downright lies and whatever else you might like to add has reduced the debate to pathetic levels. Once again it is the social media and the many blogs which have raised the important issues. Unfortunately the victims of all the misinformation will not normally be exposed to the proper information and real issues which blogs like bellacaledonia are highlighting.

Most importantly, the minute a politician says something “will” happen I shudder. Nobody can say for sure either way on any future happening or outcome.

For me there is one overriding consideration. Vote No and the UK will continue much as it is. If you like the thought of that it’s your choice. But if you are unhappy about any of the things Westminster politicians are doing in your name vote YES because for me it can’t get worse and from the energy generated on the social media it is likely to get better, not on 19th September but at some point in the future. I cannot predict how but I can have faith and hope.

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Scottish Independence – The Undecideds

What would persuade the Undecideds?

I think there are many people who are worried that an independent Scotland will be dominated by Alex Salmond and the SNP. This impression is re-enforced by the poor quality of the campaign. Alex Salmond is an economist, the dismal science, and he is paying too much attention to detail. Actually there are many commentators, Chris Huhne amazingly among them, who make the point that it should be a vision of a potential future Scotland that motivates people to vote Yes. We should be hearing from other prominent people who have decided to vote Yes and are not SNP members. It may be of course the media campaigning for Project Fear (Better Together) do not want a more positive message to come across to weaken the relentless negativity surrounding Salmond.

Now I read of  the numerous outrageous foul tricks that Project Fear is getting up to. @MissyM on Twitter highlights just a few of these. Given the antipathy of the media, it is very difficult to see how this can be countered as the victims of this misinformation are unlikely to follow the social media campaigns.

But I would urge every YES voter to try to make their voice heard with a message to “lift eyes unto the hills”.

Radical, not Nationalistic!


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Scottish Independence – Poor Service

The Scottish people are being very badly served by politicians and the media in all shapes and forms. The real debate about values and society is taking place on Social Media.

By all accounts last night’s clash between Alex and Alistair was mundane. Talking about currency is futile at this stage. The media are reducing the debate to imponderables of this sort as well. Can none of them “lift their eyes unto the hills”, the true aspirations of independence.

The value of the currency depends on the value of the country, not the other way round. A great independent Scotland will ipso facto have a great well regarded currency. Let’s talk about visions for that greatness.

Let’s be Radical, not nationalistic and vote Yes.

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Scottish Independence – Tax Powers

All three main Westminster parties have pledged to devolve some tax raising powers to Scotland after a No vote.

We already are able to vary income tax and no government in Holyrood has taken this on because by itself it is a poisoned chalice. If Westminster were devolve all types and rates of tax keeping only some universal federal taxes to pay for defence and foreign affairs then that would be worthwhile having. An increase in one tax rate can be offset by lowering another and in this way a fine tuned tax regime can be achieved that suits our internal needs.

As it is, these a weasel words from the Conservatives, their cronies and Labour because they know full well that a future Scottish government would be shooting itself in the foot if it were to increase a single tax rate. What is more I suspect that Westminster would devolve one or two taxes and scrap the Barnett formula. In other words they can immediately point to a high spending, high taxing regime North of the Border

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