Scottish Independence – Poor Service

The Scottish people are being very badly served by politicians and the media in all shapes and forms. The real debate about values and society is taking place on Social Media.

By all accounts last night’s clash between Alex and Alistair was mundane. Talking about currency is futile at this stage. The media are reducing the debate to imponderables of this sort as well. Can none of them “lift their eyes unto the hills”, the true aspirations of independence.

The value of the currency depends on the value of the country, not the other way round. A great independent Scotland will ipso facto have a great well regarded currency. Let’s talk about visions for that greatness.

Let’s be Radical, not nationalistic and vote Yes.


Scottish Independence – World Cultural Climates

The Internet has facilitated a new culture which does not always place a monetary value on everything. It has spawned an attitude for many people of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

At the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow there were a million donations of £5 to UNICEF all done by text messaging. This is just one small instance.

On the other hand there are the uber-rich who are totally absorbed in making themselves ever richer to the detriment of the rest of world population and the planet itself. If a buck can be made nothing should stand in the way, rain forests, the climate, the Great Barrier Reef.

And I am very sorry but I think the Westminster Parliament is a major facilitator of this culture, selling the NHS, the Royal Mail to the benefit of their own kind.

Does Scotland want to be part of this huge wealth grab? It is not nationalistic but radical to want to go our own way to help make a better nation and so in the long run a better world.