Recent Death

It was with great sadness that I read in yesterday’s Dundee Courier of the sudden death of Tony van der Kuyl. I have known Tony for twenty or more years. A huge man he was also a much larger than life character, never short of an opinion, usually controversial, on any subject.

The last time I met Tony was at a Scottish Learning Festival dinner. He and I were at a table right at the back and somewhat hidden from view. As usual he regaled us with stories through the first course and then moved to an adjacent table to talk to another friend. While there, he was served with a main course, but our waitress also left one for him at his original place. On his return he quickly demolished the second plateful, talking all the while. At the speeches, he was forced into silence which he endured for about five minutes. Then leaping to his feet, with hasty farewells, he crashed into the night through a convenient fire door. Exit the King!