Teach Meet 08 Perth

This gathering has been reported elsewhere and is on flickr tagged teachmeetperth. As always I really enjoyed myself and gathered a great deal of useful information. I managed to speak to a number of wellken’t personalities who are at the cutting edge of educational ICT in Scotland, among them David Noble and David Gilmour, John Johnston, Ian Stuart, Tess Watson, Robert Jones and a few more. Every presenter gave me food for thought and different insights into the uses of ICT, plus much laughter and a good meal to finish. I have already congratulated Neil Winton on his organisation of the event and also on his finale presentation.

Others have give reports of the presentations, but I would like to add that this is actually an ideal format for a quick overview of a very specific topic which because of our huge ability to communicate in so many ways can be explored later at leisure, either with the presenter or through links provided. I have learnt far more in a shorter space of time at the various Teachmeets than I have in more formal settings. If for instance the Scottish Learning Festival could provide a short synopsis with the presenter’s links for all the hundreds of seminars each year I for one would have a far better chance of attending the ones I thought most useful.