Why Brexit?

There would appear to be no overwhelming reason to trigger Brexit. A minority of the UK population voted for it and a slightly smaller minority voted against it. The referendum was clearly advisory so why do it?

The ordinary voters who voted to leave the EU appear to have been in the main people who felt completely excluded from and powerless in modern society. But the leaders of the Leave campaign were clearly not in that group. So what do the hard line Brexiters including most of the press think they are going to gain from what becomes clearer by the day will be a much impoverished UK?


Scottish Independence – Poor Service

The Scottish people are being very badly served by politicians and the media in all shapes and forms. The real debate about values and society is taking place on Social Media.

By all accounts last night’s clash between Alex and Alistair was mundane. Talking about currency is futile at this stage. The media are reducing the debate to imponderables of this sort as well. Can none of them “lift their eyes unto the hills”, the true aspirations of independence.

The value of the currency depends on the value of the country, not the other way round. A great independent Scotland will ipso facto have a great well regarded currency. Let’s talk about visions for that greatness.

Let’s be Radical, not nationalistic and vote Yes.