Immorality of Youth Unemployment

60% of young people have no employment in Greece, 6 out of 10, 60 out of 100 young people have nothing useful in their lives. For most they are already condemned to a life unfulfilled, scraps of employment, acres of the dole, ill health, ambitions and self esteem shattered, lives wasted.

It is obscene, immoral. The politicians and bureaucrats of Athens, the EU, the IMF are inhuman, amoral not to do anything but exacerbate it. 

Even if they are devoid of humanity surely those in power must see the waste of economic resources. As these millions of unemployed people rise up the demographic tree they will be less able to contribute and be more of a drain on the European economies.

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About robthill

I am semi-retired ICT Staff Tutor in Dundee, Scotland and an online facilitator. The views here expressed are my own somewhat quirky feelings about the world as I see it, no doubt just as prejudiced as most other bloggers.

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