Prime Minister’s Question Time

Jimmy Young on Radio 2 was a very gentle yet incisive interviewer. He was even known to get the better of Margaret Thatcher from time to time whereas Robin Day shouted and usually got nowhere.

Jeremy Corbyn should take note. David Cameron will try to bully him and shout him down with a  braying hoard of Tory MPs behind him. Quiet, gentle, seemingly innocuous questions seeking information not challenging might encourage him to commit indiscretions. Even if it does not achieve that, the contrast of shouty bully boy versus quiet reasonableness will be a subtle signal to voters.

As will better attendance in the House of Commons Chamber by his MPs. The image of SNP MPs massed in the Chamber with perhaps half a dozen members of other parties is doing them no end of good. There really is no good reason why the Labour and SNP opposition benches should not appear well filled for most important debates. Even occasional images of that sort on the news or other programmes will send a message to voters. It will not be so easy for Tory members to do the same thing. They have to fill the whole side of the chamber; a fair number are ministers and do have other commitments; the remainder may well be too used to the good life away from the House either in other jobs or at leisure to willingly sit in the Chamber. It is however what the electorate think they pay them to do.

Corbyn has won a notable victory against neoliberalism and if he can display sweet reasonableness in his public utterances he will be able to subtly demonstrate the differences between Labour and Tory ideology. Voters have shown that they will not elect a Tory Lite government when they can elect the real thing but there are probably enough to elect a distinct but moderate alternative able to convince them that austerity is not working.

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I am semi-retired ICT Staff Tutor in Dundee, Scotland and an online facilitator. The views here expressed are my own somewhat quirky feelings about the world as I see it, no doubt just as prejudiced as most other bloggers.

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