Wow! Corbyn?

Wow! I really thought that Jermey Corbyn would not win the leadership of the Labour Party with the massed ranks of the neoliberal establishment massed against him. It appeared that the there would be some part of the party electoral system manipulated to stop him. It is a major defeat for the Neoliberal Right to let a left winger, however slight the actual shift to the left, take control of a major UK party.

It seems likely that we are living in an era of a possible tectonic shift in society, the huge flows of population in the Middle East and Africa and the growing realisation by voters in many European countries that governments of the Neoliberal right are exploiting them.

The USA and UK in particular did the equivalent of poking a hornets nest when they started to interfere in Afghanistan and the the Middle East. But the resultant firestorm was probably in the making anyway. The fundamentalist religious extremists have been able to spread their message throughout the region, along the North African coast and into many parts of sub Saharan African. The result is a tidewave of displaced people, refugees, pouring across borders to less unstable adjacent countries such as Lebanon and Jordan and then into Europe. There is no reason to believe that the EU can permanently stop the inflow. In the long run this is going to alter the structure of EU society. As I have said elsewhere, it is best for Europe to take advantage of an inflow of new and younger people to improve the demographic profile but also to realise that most of the refugees will be energetic and eager to work. Best to employ them to increase economic activity in the countries where they settle than to try to send them home. When and if their home countries stabilise, many are likely to return there having contibuted far more economically than they will have taken out in benefits. The UK government crows about the aid sent to the refugee camps in countries such as Jordan. That money is wasted, produces no economic return whereas those same refugees could be contributing to the UK economy.

Much more tentative but nevertheless beginning to blossom is the perceptible rise in populist parties in a  number of EU countries. I am hopeful that in spite of the hysterical and strident rearguard action by the Neoliberal elite this awakening will gather pace and eventually produce a real change for the better for the majority of EU citizens, a fairer more humane society allowing all the people to flourish and fulfill their potential.

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I am semi-retired ICT Staff Tutor in Dundee, Scotland and an online facilitator. The views here expressed are my own somewhat quirky feelings about the world as I see it, no doubt just as prejudiced as most other bloggers.

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