Review of The Caveman Rules of Survival

The Caveman Rules of Survival by Dawn C Walton discusses the role that our subconscious plays in ordering and governing our lives.

Dawn herself is a business woman turned practising Cognitive Hypnotherapist so much of the book is based on her own experience of counselling. It is remarkably jargon free, giving straightforward simple explanations for what are complex psychological situations. She postulates the theory of three Caveman instincts which govern much of our non-conscious lives, the fight, flight or freeze condition, the need for parental love and the necessity to be part of a group. Childhood incidents add what she calls rules to each of these categories. The rules then keep the person safe by avoiding similar situations. For instance an embarrassing confrontation may lead to a person being a loner, not wanting to get into a similar situation which will cause embarrassment again.

This picture of our inner selves does set a scene which is readily understandable. The many examples in the book can no doubt be identified by many readers and the explanation is satisfyingly straight forward. Dawn then explains that by using hypnotherapy she can find the hidden childhood event and by suggesting a different interpretation of the scenario can rewrite the rule and thereby release her client from domination of the rule in adult life.

All this certainly hangs together and thus makes the book very readable and one that might help some people cope with some of the phobias and hang-ups which spoil their lives. Furthermore the book has received a commendation from Professor Trevor Harley, Chair of Cognitive Psychology at Dundee University. This adds a certain credibility to the book.

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