Scottish Independence – Endgame

I have the feeling that everything worth saying about Scottish Independence has now been said. Ron Ferguson in the Press & Journal summarises the debate clearly.

We have gone through all the technical arguments with neither side in the debate actually being terribly convincing. The future is not ours to know about sums it up. So it remains a single question. Each individual voter has to rely on their own emotional psyche, if there is such a thing, to decide a preference for government from Westminster or from Holyrood.

I personally believe that England which dominates Westminster is going in a direction which I don’t like and that it will not easily be changed. Scottish voters will have minimal influence. On the other hand I have written before that I doubt some of the present politicians’ abilities. So I do hope that a Yes vote will result in  many of  the present campaigners stepping up to the plate to make Scotland a society we can all be proud of.

I want radical change not nationalism.


One thought on “Scottish Independence – Endgame

  1. I am English living in Scotland so have a point of view about ‘the Nationalist’ feeling in Scotland.
    I have never heard anything against Scots among my English family and friends. In fact we call ourselves ‘British’ and have never under the Scots’ attitude.

    We definitely do feel that the UK is important because of its diversity of talent and financical contribution so don’t want to see the break up.
    I grew up in Manchester of Irish/Hugenot family as did many in the area of was born in. We adopted ‘Britishness’ even though the Irish have little to thank the English – or the Scots for that matter for. Scots benefitted from the hand-out of land in the North of Ireland and left their religion and beliefs behind.

    The fact was the way forward for everyone was to join together, give thanks for the job opportunities and get on. That is forward thinking. My brother’s best friend was Scottish whose parents came down in the 50’s for work. His other friend was Welsh, born to a Welsh family who came to the Manchester coal fields (yes from Wales)!. So this introspective, narrow perspective was unknown to us. One third of Manchester’s population was not born in the UK so you will find the most outgoing welcoming people in at least that part of England.

    The fact that Scotland doesn’t get the government it wants is tough. Neither do the N.West or the N.East. That is simply because democracy works that way. The greatest number get the government they want.

    As a nation Scotland will survive – how they will survive is very much a lot of ???? We were told they would go into Europe and adopt the Euro. Barosso made it clear that this was unlikely for very many years. So the plan to be in a sterling zone with the rest of the UK is actually Plan B Plan A was the Euro and there is no Plan C.

    Scottish people have a different understanding of democracy than most. I have been in many organisations that simply overturn votes if they go against the Chair. I have even experienced after a new Chair was voted in the previous Chair overturned that vote and ‘destroyed the minutes’.

    Leaving the UK will cost everyone money which is scarce another reason for the rest of the UK not wanting a break-up. At such a time of financial crisis we should be conserving our assets not throwing them into a Gale Force wind.

    Finally, ponder this. England is the only country in the UK that has no government of its own. Its the only country in the EU without its own Parliament. This is the reason for not putting DevoMax on the ballot paper. Politicians know that this option is the gift of the UK voters in general not the UK Parliament. The majority voters and majority tax payers are concentrated in the SE of England. They rarely get the government they want but without Scottish labour voters might have had.

    We might see the movement for an English Parliament to be strengthened. England and the rest of the UK will do better than survive – it will survive well. But basically there is no stomach for it, the English tend to look on Nationalism as a bit ridiculous in the light of the mixed races within these islands. A colleague of mine doing a pro-Scots anti-English speech to me was outraged when I said that my name and his were the same MacDougal and Doyle because we originally came from Denmark and spread all down the West including the islands and Ireland. He did not seem to know that. Every reason to call yourselves, as I do, British I would say.

    Whatever the outcome I wish you all well.

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