Scottish Independence – NHS Urgent

Better Together and their pals are suggesting that the NHS is safe in Scotland because it is a fully devolved matter. That is absolutely true. But…

What they fail to add is that as soon as  there is a NO vote, the Westminster gangsters will start to dismantle the Devolution arrangements. They can  do this because the present arrangements are not constitutional but merely the result of an Act of Parliament at Westminster which can be changed at any time.

Cameron has many times failed to fulfil what he pledged as leader of the opposition since he has been prime minster. It is totally naïve to think that he will deliver more devolution to the Scottish Parliament if we remain in the Union. It and the Scottish people will be emasculated.

The media are failing to deliver this message and yet it is vital that the true position is widely known because the NHS is the major factor in how many people will decide to vote. Somehow the YES campaigners must get this message out to the undecided voters.


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