Scottish Independence – The Undecideds

What would persuade the Undecideds?

I think there are many people who are worried that an independent Scotland will be dominated by Alex Salmond and the SNP. This impression is re-enforced by the poor quality of the campaign. Alex Salmond is an economist, the dismal science, and he is paying too much attention to detail. Actually there are many commentators, Chris Huhne amazingly among them, who make the point that it should be a vision of a potential future Scotland that motivates people to vote Yes. We should be hearing from other prominent people who have decided to vote Yes and are not SNP members. It may be of course the media campaigning for Project Fear (Better Together) do not want a more positive message to come across to weaken the relentless negativity surrounding Salmond.

Now I read of  the numerous outrageous foul tricks that Project Fear is getting up to. @MissyM on Twitter highlights just a few of these. Given the antipathy of the media, it is very difficult to see how this can be countered as the victims of this misinformation are unlikely to follow the social media campaigns.

But I would urge every YES voter to try to make their voice heard with a message to “lift eyes unto the hills”.

Radical, not Nationalistic!



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