SNP Presumes Too Much – Scottish Independence

In November 2013 I wrote that the SNP were somehow assuming that they had the right to decide the future of Scotland after a Yes vote ( This is still the case, remember the white paper. Frankly I am not against much of what they propose. However, I think the idea of sticking with sterling and the EU is an attempt to mollify waverers. Personally if we are to be independent I would prefer our own currency outside the EU on the Norwegian model.

More to the point by talking about their vision of an independent Scotland, the SNP may be putting off a number of potential Yes voters who do not like that party or its leaders. A better message would be that after a Yes vote there will be new elections to Holyrood and an all party constitutional convention to explore the way ahead. Of course the SNP blueprint will play an important part.

The SNP should remember they are a national government in name only, in reality at present a devolved administration.


One thought on “SNP Presumes Too Much – Scottish Independence

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