Foreign Countries – rUK and Scotland

One of the fears being put about regarding Scottish Independence is that the rest of the UK will become a foreign country like alien, unwelcoming, to be avoided.

There is no need for that attitude. The mature Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada and South Africa regard themselves as part of the British family of nations and many other countries value their membership of the British Commonwealth. In fact countries actually ask to join so there must be some benefits.

There is absolutely no reason why Scotland should not be in exactly the same position vis-a-vis the remaining parts of the UK. I will not think of going abroad if I go on a day trip to Newcastle and I trust that English, Welsh and Irish visitors to Edinburgh or Glasgow will feel equally at home.

In many areas of international relations I am sure Scotland and rUk will have identical goals and aspirations and I am equally sure both countries will support each other in many different ways, big and small.

In fact I would be very surprised if relations between Holyrood and Westminster will not be better in future.


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