How to Decide – Scottish Independence

Both sides of the Scottish Referendum Debate are largely trading conjecture as fact. Assertions about currency, heads of state, membership of international organisations, interest rates etc., will all depend on negotiations after the vote. No binding decisions can be taken beforehand.

In essence the decision rests on each voter’s personal view of how they see the future. Remain in the UK and things will remain much the same. Vote Yes for the possibility of change. Remaining the same in my opinion involves accepting more of the Tory agenda for privatisation, for reducing the level and scope of social support and more inequality. At its worst it means a syphoning off of the public wealth into private hands, those of the already uber-rich. On the other hand we do not know if we have the leaders or the will of the electorate to improve our society to make it more equal, to make sure everyone pays their taxes and to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to have a fulfilled and satisfactory life. With independence there is that chance if we are capable of grasping it. Without independence I cannot see much chance of it happening.

So I am for taking the chance.


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