Yes No – the Book on Scottish Independence

George Kerevan has written for the Yes side, Alan Cochrane for the No. George has written nearly 100 pages whereas Alan has barely managed half that. It is therefore not surprising that the Yes argument has far more substance. The No side is by and large an attack on the SNP and a rather sentimental appeal to Britishness. Arguments that have already been put forward elsewhere regarding the armed forces and pensions are relevant but not able to halt a drive to independence. The Yes arguments are positive and backed by some research and do not rely on personal opinion.
Without doubt voting Yes is a step into the unknown but to continue the current Westminster / London model into the foreseeable future also has many disadvantages for the Scottish nation. The cat is already out the bag, the hare is running or whatever other metaphor is appropriate and so a No vote will not lay the matter to rest. It will merely alter the course of events and delay Scottish fulfilment for a number of years. After the UKIP landslide in the local and European elections, it must be obvious that the groundswell of pubic opinion throughout the UK is not with the main political parties. Of course they will fight a fierce rearguard action but our present democracy is busted and needs to change. In the long run Scotland and Northern Ireland are almost certain to loosen ties with England even if neither of them actually break away.


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