Question – Scottish Independence

There are two things that are niggling me about the Scottish Independence debate. Cameron and his uber-rich friends have never been known to act other than in their own interests. Cameron and Osborne appear to be in the No camp. The question then is what don’t they want to lose if Scotland becomes independent. On the face of it a United Kingdom without the Scottish constituencies would make it more likely that the Conservatives could win future elections outright. Scotland is a reminder that there are alternatives to a privatised form of government. So is there something they are not telling us, some asset to be stripped or other nugget to be mined for their friends? It surely can’t be just a few grouse moors or can it?

There are no doubt answers to this question. Are we all asleep that we are not asking for them? It is surely the case that the motives driving the No campaign are not as altruistic or for the benefit solely of the mythical United Kingdom as they would have us believe. The technical experts no doubt believe their own analyses but the politicians have far darker incentives almost certainly driven by  perceived personal advantage.

There will of course be people in the Yes camp who think they see some opportunity in Scottish Independence that will better benefit themselves than remaining in the Union. We should hope and trust that they are a minority and that Independence will produce leaders of vision and imagination who can produce a Scotland which better suits the aspirations and values of the majority of the people.


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