What Do We Really Want?

I sometimes despair of our current political and social environment. What would I really like to see change?

One blog post is not sufficient to gather all of that together but just let me take one topic at a time.

I assume that most people want to live in a nice environment, in a dwelling which provides adequate shelter and warmth and have access to food and drink. All of this should be readily available in an advanced society such as ours. I realise that this is not available to many millions in the world but that we in the UK are very fortunate.

It would appear self-evident that the government if not being the direct provider should at least arrange the country’s affairs in such a way that these basic requirements of the population are met. So why unaffordable house prices, food banks, night shelters for an increasing number of homeless people and government statistics themselves cataloguing thousands of children in poverty? And why, at the same time are we spending several billion pounds on aircraft carriers which will not have any aircraft?


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