A Yes Vote

I have no problem with a Yes vote based on the spin from both sides of the Independence campaign in Scotland. In fact if there is a Yes vote i want Scotland to have its own currency outside the EU. Then it can negotiate with the EU from a position of strength. Alex Salmond to my way of thinking is far too timid. What we don’t want is partial independence linked to the UK pound or the Euro both of which would fatally limit our ability to control our currency in our own interests.

What is more of a problem is the shape of a future Scottish society. As part of the UK we have massive inequality which is growing worse daily. We have a culture of encouraging global businesses to take over our vital services. And we are squeezing the poorer elements in our inner cities until the pips hurt. Will a future Scottish independent government have the Vision and Courage to reshape our politics and society so that everyone in the country has adequate food, good accommodation, access to health care and the opportunity after leaving school to have a worthwhile and fulfilling job. That is not an impossible dream. It will be a slow process and so will require commitment from all political parties in the new country.


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