Scottish Independence February 2014

So what is the current state of play?

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are still not winning the argument. Their so-called White Paper has apparently attracted very few readers. This is not surprising given its length and the fact that much of what it states as firm future actions is in fact nothing of the sort. I have said before that Alex should have acted like a statesman, not a politician. Spinning the news and the facts is not a good idea. Those of us who have followed anything of the debate know that in the event of a Yes vote the real horse trading will have to start. I believe in many ways they have been too cautious. Why not appeal to the romantic in the Scot? Let’s go for full blown independence with our own currency and outside the EU, and make ourselves a brand new state. Then if rUK and Europe want us to join in we can negotiate it from a position of strength.

Why do I say this? Because if I am to vote yes a large part of my decision will be the present state of English dominated politics. I don’t want to stay with a £ that an English Chancellor is using to bail out his uber rich (Robert Peston’s terminology) pals with. I don’t want to live in a society where those in full time work are subsidised by the taxpayer, in effect subsidising the profits of mega companies. I don’t like Workfare; I don’t like the benefit cuts. I want us to bring up and educate our youngsters so that they have a future of productive and satisfying work. It is totally immoral that we have such high youth unemployment across the whole of Europe and yet the private sector, especially the banks, are avoiding any responsibility for the disaster of our present financial crisis and still taking home vast fortunes every year.

And yet the SNP seem to assume that they will run an independent Scotland and again I repeat do they have the people of vision to do it?


6 thoughts on “Scottish Independence February 2014

  1. The YES campaign is a cross-party and no-party movement Rob. The mainstream media love the obsession with Alex Salmond (and in fact fuel it on a daily basis, equating Salmond and Indy), because they know he is disliked by many in Scotland. However, being critical of the way he has run the campaign is hardly an argument for staying with a broken and grossly unbalanced union. The best way to remove the SNP is to vote YES and vote for another party in 2016.

  2. Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond are making all the running at the moment and so are in the limelight. I am not suggesting that we should stay with the Union, merely trying to clarify some of the arguments.
    However I am not certain we have the statesmen to carry Independence forward after a Yes vote.

  3. I want to say that whoever want to cast his or her vote should think very well and pray because you may vote in a responsible candidate and when he gets there he disappoint you,so that is why you have to pray very well.

  4. You mean as opposed to the ‘statesmen’ we have at Westminster Rob? The idea that we don’t have people who are capable of running a country simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s a straight choice in September – Scotland governed from Westminster or governed by people who live, work and are elected in Scotland.

    • If Westminster is the pinnacle of our “Statesmen” god help the rest!!!
      I am still in some ways a “Don’t Know” as there are imponderables which cannot be resolved beforehand. That is why I would rather go the whole hog for complete independence, then there can be no excuses and “get out of jail” options. It would be our destiny.

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