Cretan Austerity

Crete 28/06/2012

As you see above this was first written in Crete in June last year but it appears just as relevant today with the Greek people no nearer the end of the austerity than two years ago. Politicians everywhere are kicking the toxic ball down the road in the hpoes that they will never actually have to deal with any real problems.
The austerity package in Greece is far more severe than in the UK. Pensions and wages have been reduced, retirement packages slashed. Beggars are haunting supermarket car parks and garbage bins are searched for food items. Tensions in some villages have resurfaced bringing added violence.
 Britain’s austerity measures should be as severe if we are to eliminate our own deficit, in other words the annual increase in the nation’s debt, any time soon. Total removal of the lump sum payable to public servants on retirement would never be contemplated in the UK so why should the Greeks accept it? A 30% reduction the the Old Age Pension would bring down a government but the Greeks are expected to take it on the chin.
As always it is the weak and poor who bear the brunt but what is worse in Greece is the exemptions from tax enjoyed by many Greek companies, granted years ago for bringing in jobs. Itv is not all the fault of government and many Greeks have enjoyed the good times living beyond their means  so it is reasonable to expect cutbacks but the rich and powerful should not be quarantined.

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