Scottish Independence and the No Campaign

In marketing and selling terms it is never a good idea to merely knock your competitors product. The same must be true of political campaigns. The No campaign in the Scottish Referendum Debate has largely tried to tear apart the SNP campaign statements without suggesting better alternatives.

The Guide to an Independent Scotland “Scotland’s Future” out this week sets out in detail what the SNP would do in the light of a Yes vote. However much of it could be achieved without full independence as it is about changes within Scotland. In fact some of it might be possible without any constitutional changes.

I would like to see the No campaign not just knock “Scotland’s Future” but suggest ways in which much of it could be achieved with some extra devolved powers. If the Westminster government were to commit to a package of measures under so-called “Devo Max” to be enacted post the September 2014 vote, this would strengthen their argument enormously. Definite commitments would cut through the miasma of speculation and counter speculation that has characterised the debate so far.


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