Vote in House of Commons

Radio 4 is suggesting that it is the shadow of Iraq which has influenced the MPs to vote against war with Syria. Surely for some MPs have looked at the evidence and found that armed interventions very rarely do any good; Iraq, Afghanistan are just obvious examples. John Humphrey and Paddy Ashton on Today seem to have the same idea that this one decision has completely diminished our standing in the world and altered our foreign policy for the future. On the contrary, it may actually strengthen our standing and  demonstrate that we can think for ourselves and not just meekly do what the United States wants. That may also give Presidents of the USA the message that they actually should take the trouble to make a convincing case if they want our assistance in future. If that is the case then UK governments may also be less gungho and take better care in using intelligence evidence when contemplating armed interventions. In short good may well come out of this vote.


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