Twitter Discussion on Scottish Independence

Prof Keating of Aberdeen University has apparently suggested that Scotland should have no real problems vis a vis the EU if it were to vote for independence next year. Iain Hallahan (@don_iain), Robert Macmillan (@robfmac)and I  had a brief discussion on Twitter in which we largely agreed that we could not really guarantee any future position and neither could the good Professor, largely because the outcome would be a matter of politics rather than law. And as ever politicians on both sides of the argument are spinning madly. It was a pious hope of mine a while back that Salmond would be more statesmanlike.

However one aspect does disturb me. The SNP seem to be setting the agenda for a post Yes vote in terms of their vision of what a future Scotland should be. I read recently something about a totally new tax regime for instance. That I think is completely wrong. If we vote for independence then we should be looking at a general election before anything else  happens to allow the people of Scotland to democratically decide what the future governance of our country should be. The SNP have a mandate to go for Independence, not to govern Scotland in perpetuity.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Discussion on Scottish Independence

  1. Hey there Bob. The lecture was really good this evening, and the question & answer session afterwards was even better.

    I think you make a fair point about the SNP setting the post-independence agenda, but I have been feeling for a while that the other parties are being a bit disingenuous by demanding the SNP set out their plans for a post-independence Scotland, criticising them when they do so whilst at the same time refusing to discuss their own plans if such a situation were to arise. I understand they don’t want an independent Scotland, but surely they have a responsibility to prepare for ‘the worst’. I’m sure I wouldn’t get away with not insuring my car by saying I don’t want to crash! Or are we to believe that if Scotland were to vote for independence that Scottish Labour, the Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish Liberal Democrats would all pack up their party structures and leave the political stage? Not very likely…..

  2. Iain, what a very good point about car insurance! But you do highlight the muddle and spin that is not really helping people make up their minds about their futures.

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