I am hoping that I will be able to make a habit of regular blogging. Of course some posts may be trivial but I hope that some may reflect and question.

Listening to the news today I was struck by the arrogance of the BBC and the Work and Pensions minister, Mark Hoban. That the BBC thought their own reporting of a trip by students to North Korea was worth putting students at risk is breathtaking. If their reporting crew stayed with the student party what more would they see than any of the rest of the party. Why not just ask students to comment on what they had seen when they returned to the UK? Or are professional journalists a breed apart, so much more perspicacious than the rest of us?

Mark Hoban said on Radio 4 Today programme that he has visited some job centres and is thereby convinced that cutting benefits will have the desired effect of encouraging people to seek work. So surveys, consultations, think tanks and government data on availability of jobs count for nothing against one person’s anecdotal evidence.


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