HTC Touch Mobile Phone

I have changed my phone; the Touch HD was going to cost about £120 so the Orange consultant talked me through that and the Diamond which was free.  He is their pet HTC guru and he was enthusiastic about the Diamond so in the end I got that.

I have just had it a few days but am very pleased.  The alarms for instance are fine.  I have added a couple of programs with no hassle and am finding the touch screen great.  Mobile MS OneNote is not nearly as good as the real thing but not too bad.  The handwriting recognition works well.  The wifi is fast to connect to any available network and is seamless with the phone connection.  Setting etc., are simple to make.  It has all the usual applications plus maps linked to its own GPS.  The camera is 3.2 mpixels with no flash but takes adequate snaps for instantaneous recording.

One application I have added is Goosync which allows me to sync the phone calendar with Google Calendar and the tasks and contacts with the Goosync equivalents so I have an online backup and do not have to run MS Outlook.  I have also downloaded the Evernote Mobile app which looks really interesting but have not tested it much.

Only disadvantage so far is its relatively short battery life if you use the apps a lot.

Otherwise I am very happy with it.


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