Italian Trip Pt 2


Our Italian education has continued. This was meant to be a running commentary but the vagaries of mobile access to the internet has meant a longer interruption. When salesmen tell you the answer to mobile computing and internet access is the usb phone connection or dongle, remember that what they mean is sitting at home in a good 3G area it will feel like the days of dial-up modems and in a campsite almost anywhere in Italy it will make you long for a carrier pigeon.

Continuing our Bongo tour of Italy we have learnt that it is easy to do the first 395 kms of a 401 km journey but TomTom will get her revenge before the day is out and the campsite will prove completely elusive for at least another hour of meandering through increasingly mean and unlit streets. It is true to say that most campsites were only found by chance. In Bologna we even managed to get lost returning to the site by bus. It clearly stated that the distance from the bus stop was 950 metres. We found our beloved Bongo at the end of a five mile hike in the dark.

TomToms are great and I really cannot imagine myself following her so blindly as to end up in a swollen river but she does not realise that when I say avoid motorways I am looking for a gentle drive through a rustic idyll not a two hour stop-go through the industrial periphery of Milan. You will by now have noticed how my TomTom is feminine, not for her wiles – I am no misogynist (my wife won’t let me) – but for her seductive voice leading me astray and then with a happy lilt ordering me to turn around where possible.

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