Today’s Headache

I am still not exactly certain of how I will use posterous as my other blog at Questions and Reflections as its name implies is more ponderous than instantaneous.
However I note today that David Muir has been at ECER08 conceference where he mentions collaboration as an important element of the project under discussion.
Meanwhile I am waiting on other people before pulling the threads together in an attempt to get collaboration going across different local authorities in Glow.  I certainly think that from a teacher’s perspective, collaboration should be a very important part of this Scottish schools intranet.

However of immediate concern is an attempt to upload a Drupal 5 installation from a local host to a live site.  The more I read the suggestions and guides the more daunted I am.

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I am semi-retired ICT Staff Tutor in Dundee, Scotland and an online facilitator. The views here expressed are my own somewhat quirky feelings about the world as I see it, no doubt just as prejudiced as most other bloggers.

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