Teachers and Information Literacy

John Low and Learning at Teaching Scotland has mentioned a colleague of my, Elspeth Scott, in his blog, underlining the importance of librarians to the learning process. Their role can only increase as experts in searching for and marshalling information, and in guiding pupils’ online enquiries.

It may sound a bit too radical but it is perhaps appropriate to suggest that teachers should become more like librarians, guides rather than instructors. Stephen Heppell as mentioned in a Neil Winton blog is pointing in a similar direction.  There is so much information in the world and so many ways of learning about it that teachers can no longer regard themselves as the sole fount of knowledge for their pupils.


One thought on “Teachers and Information Literacy

  1. This is so true… when there are pupils in the classroom with access to Google then the teacher is no longer the sole authority in the room… the real skill comes in moving towards the ‘mentor/guide’s role, but we are a long way from this at the moment…

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