Don Ledingham and Active Learning

Don’s recent entry about a visit to North Berwick High makes for very encouraging reading.

Relevant to the provocative question in his post, we once worked out that to pass Computing at General Level in Standard Grade a pupil needed to know a mere 100 words and yet many schools spend two years making certain that pupils can remember them. It’s no wonder that many pupils get bored. There is more than enough time for them to explore and become active learners among the huge variety of topics in modern computing which are not covered in the exam. If they become really enthusiastic learners, they could mug up the necessary hundred words in a week or so before the exam. It is important to note that to be educated in Computing or any other subject, it has never been necessary for everybody to have the exact same body of knowledge. Every European country has an educated group of inhabitants, but the schools and universities in each country work to different syllabuses. So active learners need not be sheep following the teacher but can pursue avenues that catch their interests and enthusiasms.

When they leave formal education active learning may be the only mode of learning open to them.


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