The title of this post is thanks to John Johnston and the power of Google. And it does mean a summer dormancy. Having never come across it before I plan to use it at every opportunity which with advancing years may well be quite frequently. I have to say that I am still wondering what search term John used as my attempts were not very successful.

This does demonstrate the power of the blogging network and the internet. I have an ancient 24 volume Encyclopedia Britannica and I really have no idea if I could find that word in there. Nevertheless I harbour a slight suspicion that there is a majority of the teaching profession who would regard the use of the encyclopedia as legitimate and the idea of using the internet as cheating. For the first time today I heard an author state that she had included a list of all the websites she visited at the end of her book! The author, Marina Lewycka was talking on Radio 4 about her book The Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian which won a prize for wit.

And yet again I ask, why do projects for assessment not include the requirement to provide search terms and websites as used in the work? It kills off plagiarism at a stroke.


2 thoughts on “Aestivation

  1. Well you asked:
    summer hibernation – Google Search
    first link:
    Summer Hibernators
    Which has the word aestivation
    typed define:aestivation into google to make sure.
    I love google for this sort of thing there are some very powerful tools in google and it should be taught in school. I however steer away from it in primary as often the reading is far to hard and waste a lot of time. I go for with my wee guys.

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