I wonder what the summer version of hibernation is?

I feel I have been doing this over what has been rather poor summer at least as far as the weather is concerned. However, in spite of being officially retired I will still be doing some work for Dundee City Council and will hopefully be at the Scottish Learning Festival (SETT).  That always provides a buzz of anticipation just reading about the speeches and seminars. I have not been in a total state of hibernation but I feel now much more alert and attentive to all the happenings in Scottish Education.

As I look round I see an increasing number of evangelists, early adopters and enthusiasts for all the exciting developments which are about to appear in Scottish schools. The pioneers of Web 2.0 are making so many daily advances that it is actually difficult to keep up. If I were to list the people I admire and follow, it would be invidious so for once I will forgo one of the tenets of blogging and not put in any links!

However Don Ledingham has highlighted a recent post by guineapigmum which certainly strikes a chord with me. To my way of thinking, the preoccupation with exams is going to be the main inhibitor of progress in Scottish Education. Not only do they narrow the curriculum, but they also highlight negatives for the majority of pupils who do not get A’s or 1’s.

A senior figure in the CBI commenting on the English GCSE results spoke of the number of employers who preferred Eastern European workers because of their willingness to work hard! That is an horrific indictment of our whole social fabric.


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