Glow Feedback

I am always one for recycling especially if I can use the product of my word processor more than once! Te following is a copy of what I recently put in the Mentor School feedback on Glow.

The use of Glow will evolve over time but here are some fairly mundane

Use a Glow Group to host a single topic. Only invite the class which
is to use it. At the end of the topic, remove the users so that the
group remains available for another year but cannot be tampered with
meanwhile. While using the group make a chatroom available for just a short
time slot each day for pupils to ask questions of the teacher about
homework or research. Think of it as a tutorial group. If possible make
some of the work active learning so pupils need to research a part of
the topic and then allow them to post and comment on the results. Allow
appropriate photographs to be posted by pupils.

e-twinning will allow all sorts of collaboration with other schools and
countries, using email and Glow Meet. This is not about the
technology, as any project needs a lot of preparatory work and clear learning
outcomes for both sides. Many years ago I ran a project where several
continental schools and my own exchanged a weekly roundup of the news in
their local papers. This encouraged reading, writing, analysis,
critical thinking, etc.

Glow will allow teachers to illustrate almost any subject with
up-to-date video footage and news. Pupils can be encouraged to display work
and accept comment and criticism. Realising that their work is in the
public arena will raise their self-esteem and give them a sense of

Changing the style of teaching from providing pupils with notes to one
where they have to research their own notes and post them to be
discussed by the class will create a sense of ownership of knowledge.

Glow Meet looks like an excellent part of Glow. It can be used in
conjunction with an e-twinning project, to provide a platform for outside
experts to “come into class”, to provide assistance in minority subjects
in S5 and S6 between schools, to give Hearing Impaired units
inter-school signing opportunities, to name but a few.

Obviously there are far more things which Glow will make possible, but
its style of use will also depend on hardware resources. If all
classrooms have projectors, that will be a start but the recent HMIe report
calling for rethinking the allocation of resources in schools should be
taken seriously.


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