I am writing this on a Samsung Q1 . I have had it for about a week and so for I am very happy with it. This blog post is being written using the handwriting recognition. It’s possibly not as fast as typing but it really is mobile computing. Windows Journal is useless but One Note is good and is what I am using to write this. I have also setup Outlook and Juice for mp3 downloads.

The computer itself is reasonably fast and comes with Wifi , bluetooth, usb, inbuilt microphone and speakers, plus a lot of flexibility in how you input.

I know that Ian Stuart on Islay will be trialling these devices with students so I will be looking forward to comparing notes and I seem to remember that Andrew Brown wanted to get his hands on one


One thought on “UMPC

  1. Andrew Brown had his hands on one! It was good, but the battery life got to me. It is now on Islay, where it joined it’s ‘brother’, and will be joined by about another 250 or so in the very near future!

    I now have a Sony UX (their UMPC) much smaller, but comes with a concealed keyboard under the screen. Very impressive so far!

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