John Johnston mentioned in a comment to a previous post of mine that he did not have the “pleasure” of knowing Sharepoint so I attempted a brief explanation as follows:-

I will attempt a brief introduction to Sharepoint Firstly it is hierarchical. Starting at the bottom of the pile, every user has a personal website with a front page, calendar, document storage, discussion area and other facilities. The site is made up of web parts which the user can opt to use and so customise their space. In Sharepoint other users can see a public view of each user site, although this does not look possible in Glow, without the user “inviting” other users. The next site up the pile is, in Glow terms, the school or authority site which is similar to the user site but is accessible by all the users beneath. In Glow all teachers and pupils within a school will be able to see the school site but not other schools sites unless invited. Above that site again will be the national site which everyone will be a part of. What each user will be able to do at each level will depend upon permissions. LEAs will have flexibility in granting permissions to their endusers and the national Glow team will allocate permissions at their level. The exact layout of Glow at the LEA / school level is not yet clear to me.

The other features of Glow such as the VLE and the video-conferencing are add-ons and will be attached to Sharepoint (Glow) by web parts. In theory we should be able to attach Web 2.0 stuff in the same way. I emphasise in theory.

I realise that this is just my off the cuff explanation and am more than willing to stand corrected.

However, I have now realised that what we are seeing in Pilot 1 of Glow is all the core Sharepoint part of the new portal and other pilots will test what will be added into the Glow Sharepoint manifestation, if you see what I mean.


3 thoughts on “Sharepoint

  1. In theory and in practice, kind of. The other night we added some Flickr photo feeds using the XML Editor web part. So, in theory (we didn’t have time), you could harness some kind of feedreader. However, if the original source is blocked from within the authority (like Bebo was for us) it won’t show – still getting the websense up, of course.

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