Skypecast on Internet Safety

David Noble set himself the task of using a skypecast and google document to create a lesson plan for internet safety. I think it took place on Oct 26th but now cannot find the reference on Skype. The people who took part included two teachers, further education college lecturer and aperson from the world of PR and advertising.
What interested me was the mutual learning which took place and the way the teachers intially wanted to control the learning process. Although I was not able to stay for the whole of the skypecast, we had, as a group, agreed as the lesson plan that the pupils’ knowledge and experience should be the starting point. The teacher’s control should be limited to the direction and the topics to be covered but that the pupils should arrive at their own set of rules for internet safety.

The google document has not had much more work done on it but it certainly deserves closer attention, not only as a document on internet safety but as a model of how learning might be controlled in other areas of learning.


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