History Matters

This is what I wrote for the History Matters blog today

The alarm went off at 7.05 but I had one “snooze” before getting up and taking the dogs and myself downstairs and putting them outside into a dull misty autumnal morning here in Angus, Scotland. Upstairs again, showered and dressed in blue / grey shirt and fawn chinos. It’s getting to the time of year where darker trousers would look better. Porridge in the microwave, yoghurt and orange juice for breakfast. My wife was already away to get her hair done. I left the house at 8.30 and got to work in Dundee by 8.55, along the new dual carriageway from Arbroath.

I am a retired teacher working a 3 day week as an ICT Staff Tutor (teaching teachers about ICT), a job I did full-time for two years before retirement. At present I have 5 colleagues in a single office which is usually a cheery, hard working place. This morning I updated an action plan using mind mapping software on my laptop. Apart from some help to others in the office I spent the rest of the day preparing to give an in-service using the Inspiration mind mapping software tomorrow in the later afternoon after school.

Lunch with a couple of colleagues saw a lively wide ranging discussion about how education must change to take account of modern styles of information and how the exam system which we experienced has dumbed down but is now totally inadequate to test present pupils.

I got home about 5.00 pm having stopped for petrol in a supermarket near Dundee (cheapest in area) and plan to spend the evening having a meal and watching some television after I have caught up with blogs that I watch and perhaps posted this to my own blog.

I should be in bed by 11.00 pm.


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