Teachmeet06 and SETT06

I am going to need time to digest what I came away with from SETT and more especially from Teachmeet.

But Chris, Ewan‘s mom, said probably for me the most significant thing at Teachmeet; “These are only tools” referring to Web 2.0. I have been around long enough to know that some of the things being achieved today are re-inventions of something similar many years earlier. For instance I hosted a “What the local papers say” weekly discussion between several continental schools and a Dundee secondary on The Times Network for Schools back in the late 80’s. Its objective was also to enthuse pupils to write, to discuss, to form opinions and be creative. Anyone using Web 2.0 tools should have similar objectives.

That is not to decry today’s efforts. It was fantastic to feel the buzz of a brave new world in the Orkney room on Wednesday night.


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