Explosive Upsurge

Trying to keep up with the discusssions just in the Scottish blogosphere is becoming a full-time job. There seems to have been a sudden surge in ideas, as though a damn has burst. Ewan McIntosh and John Johnston has been joined at least in my ken by a raft of other people including John Connell, Don Ledingham, Andrew Brown etc. Inverting the Core, Extreme Learning are also bringing together strands that have been floating around for a while. It’s a very exciting time in Scottish education and I hope that Glow will provide the infrastructure to make it all work.

I do fear that the Masterclass online community will need to run very fast if it going to remain a player.


3 thoughts on “Explosive Upsurge

  1. Hi Bob,
    What is exciting about the scot edu blog world is that it is open and driven from, at least in part, the grassroots.
    Masterclass is closed which makes it a different kind of space. I wonder if Glow will be able to open to the world in at least some of its aspects or will it compliment the web 2 community that has sprung up in the last wee while.
    i just noticed your ‘Blue Skies Education’ tag, got to love that:-)

  2. Thanks for the link Bob – and in such esteemed company! FYI though, my blog has now finally changed location to my own hosted site at whereisab.co.uk. I watch the discussion around Glow/online communities with great interest!

  3. Now is the time for all true believers to come to the flag of Blue Sky Education!!!

    Seriously I think that today is the most exciting time in Scottish Education for many years, with the ground swell of new thought and innovation from all corners. I just can’t wait for the bigger roller!

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