I have been using Squeet for some weeks now. It is an alternative way of getting RSS alerts as I wrote about in an earlier post. I have certainly found it handy, as it emails me changes in any of the blogs I am watching.

I still use Bloglines for a more systematic review of what I should be reading. I say should because at the moment I have to confess to being nearly a thousand post behind!


3 thoughts on “Squeet

  1. Hmm. Feedblitz is limited to a daily email if you don’t want to pay (and I don’t). That’s a bit more often than my lazy blogging habits suit.

    OTOH, Squeet’s website seems to break at the drop of a hat. I just don’t trust them, even if I could get as far as creating a mailing list.

    I could install mailing list software on my server and tie that to my RSS feed but (a) my host won’t let me send more than 300 mails in one batch, so it’s a bit short-term and (b) I’ve been told it can be a security hazard. Since I’m only a pretend geek, I’m not sure I want even a potential hazard.

    The search continues…

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