Art Across The Curriculum

Many of us ICT people tend to think that change in the classroom is all to do with computers and the like.

But I am involved in a very minor way with a pilot project, using a variety of artists, dancers, painters, musicians, etc., to interpret the curriculum differently. For instance I have observed a class of thirteen year olds creating movements to visualise different types of mathematical symmetry.

So here we have a model of teacher as facilitator and live artist as expert. This is along the same lines as Will Richards‘ ideas of Web 2.0 bringing in the virtual expert. It is again challenging the solitary role of teachers as the fount of knowledge within the classroom. It also is another way of opening up the types of learning available to students.


One thought on “Art Across The Curriculum

  1. Hi Bob,
    This sounds like a very interesting project, I hope you publish a few more details sometime. I love having an expert in my class, it makes a huge difference in all sorts of ways. Of course I’d try and use ICT to record and publish it, but that would not make it an ict lesson. (I am not sure if I taught any discreet ict this session).

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