The Rise and Rise of Web 2.0

Will Richardson at the start of the NECC conference points to some

quicky statistics which David Warlick has produced on the increase in Web 2.0 words in this year’s conference programme.Here in Britain I get the sense of a huge increase over the last few months. I wrote an article about podcasting a few months ago and I felt then that there were only a few in education in the UK doing podcasting and not a huge number doing blogging. Now every day I come across somebody else. This may be because I am searching more, but I think not.However, I still ask the question if this is bringing about real changes in classroom practice? I have referred before to Clarence Fisher’s wiki on classroom change. It is not exactly firing on all cylinders just yet, but it is still worht a look and a contribution. Few contributions there would tend to confirm my pessimism about real change.


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