Summer Holidays

There seem to be various solutions as to what to do with a blog during the summer.

John is obviously going to continue to work; Ewan has other things to do! Clarence’s summer sounds idyllic.I am going to catching up all the blogs I have not read but just earmarked in the last few weeks, that is if it rains like it has done the last few days.


3 thoughts on “Summer Holidays

  1. Catching up, or meeting new blogs. I was referred to you by David Warlick’s blog. So, glad to meet you and join in the conversation.
    For my summer, I am expanding my blog reading while keeping up with my 200 3rd and 4th graders for at least part of the time.
    Here is to Summer! Cheryl

  2. Well it depends on your definition of work.
    I am going to continue to play, it only become work when you have to get paid to do it;-)

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