SSDN (Scottish Schools Digital Network)

I had my first view today of the SSDN portal as being piloted in a few schools. RM have always said that it would be based on Microsoft Sharepoint but heavily customised. I would not call this heavily done; just a few page themes and a new heading. Themes so far are not that exciting. Web-parts at site entrance have been standardised for local administrators, staff and pupils but otherwise I could not see much new. Each user has a private page which they can alter, including adding pictures. At the moment storage is limited to 10 MB for students and 50 MB for staff. It is not intended to replace local storage.
Much of the admin is devolved to LAs which could be quite costly and burdensome.

There is nothing for Web 2.0, but this may come in the next version of Sharepoint due in 18 months time! There is an XML web-part so whether or not this might be utilised for feeds etc., I cannot tell. Staff freedom to customise will be set at local level.

This is not a new star on the horizon of Scottish Education.


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