Cultural Education cont.

Following the earlier thread, education is very much a matter of the culture of the country. However, we can say that a German or a Spaniard or a Brit is educated and yet have substantially different sets of knowledge. The knowledge needed to be judged educated is not an absolute. I ask if the skills they have acquired through their education are not perhaps more important, long-lasting and useful in life than the facts that they learn and retain?

I feel that our present assessment systems tend to test the knowledge rather than the skills, particularly the skills need in the future. So another question arises. How do we alter the assessment regime to reduce the knowledge element and test the sort of skills we need.

The Scottish "A Curriculum for Excellence" does acknowledge perhaps a little vaguely the skills, but will the implementation deliver the required assessment procedures?

The vigorous ongoing debate and discussion about ICT in the curriculum has thrown up some fantastic ideas and technologies, but I still do not detect a real shift in teaching methods. Too often the new technology is just a modern replica of a previous delivery. Perhaps somebody will show me I wrong.


2 thoughts on “Cultural Education cont.

  1. Interesting blog, I have always been of the opinion that trivia and silly, unrelated facts are pretty well useless. I think that everything before post secondary education is just preparation. A little knowledge is important but it is not everything. I see you are from Dundee, I visited there some 20 years ago as a squaddie. I was training in Barry Budden and recall getting beaten up in the “Sands Disco” by angry locals who thought that my companions and I were trying to steal their women (we were). Mick

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