Gordon Brown

The more I read about Gordon Brown, the more I ask myself why have we all be lulled into such a false sense of security.

Take pensions. By altering the tax regime, he has effecively wiped out the company final salary pension scheme as we know it. With ever increasing numbers of people dependent on the state, either through salaries or benefits, our Gordon is leaving a debt which future generations may refuse to honour.

Is it really just his longwindedness, his pose of gravitas, his convoluted sentences that have allowed him to get away with this increasing mess over nearly ten years?

Blair's spinning is like a child's top compared to what Gordon has achieved.

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About robthill

I am semi-retired ICT Staff Tutor in Dundee, Scotland and an online facilitator. The views here expressed are my own somewhat quirky feelings about the world as I see it, no doubt just as prejudiced as most other bloggers.

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